Products - Merkür S - Labelling Machine

• MERKÜR S labelling machine has a swinging label magazine.

• Because of the linear working principle, it can just work with wrap-around and one side labels.

• Bottles or tins are conveyed to the machine entrance by the conveyor system. There is a screw here to adjust the gap lenght between to bottle / tin. And then, all are ready for labelling.

• There is a system on the opposite side of the screw adjust to send only straight bottles / tins also.

• There is a photocell sensible for bottle/ tin at the exit of the screw.If there is not a bottle/tin, magazine don't gives a label.

• The glue smeared labels are taken from label magazine by a whell, and taken forward.

• The excess glue is taken by nails and feed back to the glue reservoir.

• After the bottle/tin and label meet each other, they go throught the turning belt and the sponge. Labels are adhered here by turning.

• Machine conveyor is running with the machine main parts senronize.

• All electric motors are controlled by inverters.

• Electrical box is mounted to machine main body and clad by AISI 304 stainless steel.

• The labelling principle is cold glue.The glue pomp is working with pnomatic system.

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