Products - Mars - Monoblock Rinser, Filler, Capper

MARS Rinser, Filler and Capper is used for bottling water, fruit juice, liquid oil, drink non-alcohol and other non carbonated liquids up to 2 lt. Suitable for glass bottle, PET and PVC.

Due to the bottling liquid, pure water, sterile air, nitrogen or any other liquid can be used by the rinser.

Due to the bottling liquid ;
• Cool vacuum system
• Naturel flow (gravity) system
• Hot filling (90 °C)
• Weight controlling (load cell) system
• Flow controling (flowmeter) system
• Volumetric filling system
Can be designed by the way.

Due to the cap model ;
• Plastic screw
• Plastic Press on
• Aluminium screw
• Metal crown
• Cork
Turret collections are suitable to the monoblock.

1. Machine part touching to the product are completely clad in AISI 304 stainless stell.
2. The speed control adjusting by frequency controling invertors.
3. PLC control and touch screen operator pannel.
4. "No bottle-no injection" system on the rinser part.
5. Original filling ventiles for dedicated liquid.
6. Closed period central circulation CIP system with sanitation pots.(Optional)
7. High level security due to European standard, no run whwn the door open.

Capacity : From 2400 Bph to 32000 Bph.

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