Products - Mars V - Rinser, Volumetric Filler, Capper

MARS V bottle rinser, filler and capper monoblock is designed for bottling liquid detergent, mineral and vegetable liquid oils with filling quarentees.Rinser, filler and capper units can be altered in respect of bottling liquid, bottle from and cap type.

Bottles are turned upside down by handling from their necks.After the liquid is sprayed inside the bottle, up-side down position continues to drop the liquid completely.Do to the bottling liquid, pure water, sterile air, nitrogen or any other liquid can be used by the rinser.

Bottles coming from rinser part are transferred to filling unite by star wheels.Filling part is separeted as ;
• Pneumatic
• CAM controlling
Capper unite differs as
• Plastic screw
• Plastic Push on
• Aluminium screw
At this unite, 2 capping part can be fitted to use 2 different cap easily.

1. Machine completely clad in AISI 304 stainless stell, including center column.
2. Machine speed is controlling by speed control invertors.
3. PLC control and touch screen operator pannel.
4. Rinser runs with no bottle-bo blow out liquid system.
5. Special filling ventiles according to filling liquid.
6. Central closed circulation CIP system with sanitation caps.(Optional)
7. European standard safety unit "Stop machine when a door is open"

Capacity : From 2400 Bph to 32000 Bph.

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